About us

Founders Dave and Roberta began importing hydraulic attachments into the UK in 2012. With their Anglo-Italian roots and business contacts they formed Robustrack as a gateway between Italian manufacturing and the UK market.

Robustrack is a family business and its origins speak to this:

“In the early days we were working from our home office which included the kitchen table, chairs and wifi. Attachments were stored at the bottom of our garden!” – Dave

The word soon got out and the business has steadily grown to become the ‘Go to supplier’ – Get what you need, when you really need it. With offices and depot based in North Yorkshire, attachments are delivered nationwide.


A passion for delivering the best hydraulic attachments for each customers needs is at the heart of the company’s success. 

‘At Robustrack we believe that delivering good quality service is as important as delivering good quality products. That’s why we talk about delivering solutions.’

A solution that

• starts with a professional but friendly approach to understand your needs and your requirements

• continues with supplying a ‘top of the range’ Italian-made product delivered for immediate use

• with an after sales service aiming to reduce machine downtime to a minimum.

Our “online” and direct approach means we are there when you need us most.

“Family run since 2012”

From 2021 Eurocomach Machines are exclusively available in the UK from Robustrack.

“Wishing to offer the best experience for our customers, we have been looking for an excavator able to deliver the optimum experience and performance when it comes to hydraulic attachments. The obvious solution is Eurocomach – offering the perfect synergy between machine and attachment. WE START WHERE OTHERS STOP – with a dedicated hydraulic pump to power any attachment”

For more info on Eurocomach click here